High Performance Programmes


Talent Identification

Western Cape Basketball Association identifies players with the potential to perform at high level through the various competitions organised by Districts and by Western Cape Basketball Association . These players are then placed in the Western Cape Basketball Association High Performance Programme to develop their skills and prepare them for National and International participation.


Top Twenty Ballers Camp

Twenty players for each of the Western Cape Basketball Association age groups are selected to take in this programme. The players are trained by specialist coaches and trainers of various basketball, athletic and life skills. These players are then tracked after the Camp to monitor their development. Players may be changed throughout the programme based on the development and performance.


Western Cape Sport School (WCSS)

WCSS is a programme of the Western Cape Government DCAS which aims to provide deserving learners to develop their sporting talent while attaining their High School education. Since basketball is one of the codes offered at the WCSS, Western Cape Basketball Association works closely with the school to place appropriate learners to be accommodated at the School. The WCSS Basketball team participates in the local, provincial, national and international competitions to expose the learners to high playing standards. WCSS Basketball has performed well at the National Top Schools competition as well as in the District League. Some learners from this programme have represented Provincial and National teams.


Western Cape Sport Academy

Western Cape Basketball Association also works with the WCSA, which is a Provincial High performance centre, to further develop exceptional players. Players in this programme are prepared to compete at a National and International level.


Cape Mountaineers Basketball Club

The Mountaineers is the Western Cape franchise team which participates in the Basketball National League (BNL), the national professional basketball league for men. Western Cape Basketball Association works with Mountaineers to identify and develop players to be part of the team. Mountaineers is also a special member of Western Cape Basketball Association and therefore participates in developing the Western Cape Basketball Association strategy.