Handover-Thafier-Group1st Shot Mini-Basketball

The purpose of the programme is to introduce kids to the game of basketball. This fun based programme is aimed at kids from the age of 4 to the age of 10. In 1st Shot kids are taught the basics skills needed to play basketball such as balance, hand eye coordination, foot movement, ball handling. All these skills lead up to the child taking their 1st Shot at a basketball hoop and consistently making the 1st Shot. After 4 weeks of training the kids are ready to progress to playing other basketball formats.

1st Shot begins at school and community club level then moves to the District Associations level where kids from all clubs participate in the District 1st Shot Festivals. From here kids are identified to participate in the Provincial 1st Shot Festival.

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Western Cape Government MOD Centre Basketball Programme


Through a partnership with WC Government DCAS, Western Cape Basketball Association works with the Centre Coordinators and Coaches to provide basketball opportunities and develop clubs. The identified communities are provided with technical and capacity building assistance to start and run their own clubs.

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